Babysitting in Dubai: Never fret over your child’s safety again

Every parent’s biggest concern is their child’s safety, undoubtedly. As children, most of the time they lack the skills to protect themselves. That’s when we remember what our role as parents is – to protect them, to safeguard them, and to teach them skills.

Not always as parents we will be able to be next to them, therefore the first step when trying to protect your child, is to find the right person who would be next to him/her in your absence. Hiring a babysitter in Dubai is the first, smart, step in giving your child a protection.

Outdoor and Indoor Safety Tips for Babysitters in Dubai

Even though a person has passed many trainings prior to becoming a babysitter, you know your child better than anyone else. You are aware that there is always a chance for your child to hurt himself/herself, whether he or she is outdoor or indoor, despite the babysitter being next to him/her. To prevent that from happening, here we have selected several useful tips on what to pay attention when it comes to child protection.

  1. Never leave the child alone – Whenever the babysitter you hired is taking your child to the playground, should make sure that they do not leave it alone even for a second. A little negligence can result in serious accident.
  2. Ensure there are not any dangerous objects around the child – Wherever the child is, your babysitter’s obligation is to make the environment safe for the child to play. So any sharp, dangerous, objects should be moved aside.
  3. Do not allow the child to play near or on the street – Talk to the child and explain him or her how dangerous the play in streets can be. Make the child understand how serious you mean that. Retrieving toys that have rolled on the street should be discouraged.
  4. The playground is not near water – It’s the best for your child’s safety that the playground is not near a water body. If by any chance there is a pool in that area, it has to be fenced.
  5. The playground has no any electrical appliances – Children’s curiosity will make them want to touch everything they see. Make sure there are not any electrical appliances near your child, or if there are any, make sure they are well-secured.
  6. Prevent the child from falling off the stairs – Install gates around the stairs. This way you won’t get stressed anytime the child goes up and down.
  7. Keep the child away from kitchen and bathroom – Install child locks on any cupboard that can be easily reached by your child. Bathroom and Kitchen can be dangerous playgrounds for your little one. Keep the doors shut.
  8. Keep all breakable things out of child’s reach – Ensure that there is not any heavy or easily breakable object that can fall off and hurt your children.



Should You Trust Your Maid to Babysit For You?

There are many parents in Dubai who need babysitters but cannot really afford them. So they resort to the next best thing, and that is to hire one person who will do the household chores as well as babysit. But, is it fine to leave your child with a maid?

Dubai is a curious place with lots of expats living here. There are people here from across the world to work at a variety of jobs. The more fortunate ones get to earn well, they are educated and work for the many enterprises based in Dubai and earning well. Then there are the lesser educated people from countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, etc. who work for minimum pay at jobs like labour work, housemaids, gardeners, etc. These people are at best semi-skilled and not very well educated. They may be good working at cleaning services and making a living as a maid or a cleaner but are they really good enough to take care of your child when you are away?

Maid Vs Babysitter in Dubai

There are many reasons that I can think of not to keep a maid as a babysitter, but then, there are equally good reasons why I would actually do it. Here are my reasons for and against:

Babysitters, especially nannies in the real sense are expensive and hard to find in Dubai. When we speak of a babysitter or a nanny, we mean a person who is professionally qualified to take care of a child. A nanny is supposed to be an educated person who will take care of not just the physical needs of a child but also his/her developmental, educational and emotional needs too. A traditional Nanny is an educator, babysitter and mother-figure all rolled into one. To hire a maid with such qualities is expensive and most of us cannot afford it.

A housemaid on the other hand can take care of a child’s physical and emotional needs to a large extant. She may not be very educated, but she is capable of caring for your child and ensuring that he/she remains out of harms way. Moreover, a housemaid can be hired for a lot less money than a qualified nanny.

The biggest drawback that one perceives while using the housemaid to babysit is that she may not be able to help with your child’s literacy. She may be able to feed your child and fulfill all the other physical needs. She may also be able to provide companionship that children require. So, in this sense using the housemaid to look after you baby is fine and makes financial sense, especially if you have a fulltime maid who lives in with you. So, you are not paying anything extra to the cleaning service in Dubai for extra time they may spend looking after you child. To fulfil the need for education, you can always enroll your child into a preschool or a childcare facility for a few hours a day.

So, in conclusion, it is not a bad idea to have your maid look after your child.



How to Make Certain Excellent Babysitting Dubai

Working watchmen, who are exorbitantly gotten up to speed with every family unit and office works for the most part find especially less time, making it difficult to manage their youngsters due to their throughout the day occupations. Thus, these father and mother select sending their kids to day care both or to they pick babysitter Dubai. Finding a tremendous keeping an eye on service is not that intense. Since not anybody can find a relative or a close or dear individual who should watch over their newborn child, you may really move for a keeping an eye on.

In any case, much the same as every stand-out method, the babysitting Dubai enrollment process too has a few rules and standards, which being a mother or father, you need to take after inside the occasion that you require your little child to be in safe palms. In case which you needn’t bother with your keeping a watch specifically to inconvenience, then you has to take after these considerations:-

Centers to that you need to specify beyond any doubt-

Perform record check on the sitter you are speculation to settlement to take care of your minimal sacred errand person. You may not situate your youngster in the palms of a hard to comprehend outcast. Along these strains, you should ensure that you aren’t pulling out all the stops. Make a point to test references.

Really don’t go over the CV. Do meet the sitter by utilizing and by utilizing. You should verify that she has the best possible kingdom of considerations to talk about legitimately with the adolescents. Meeting the sitter by utilizing and through will help you choose her correctly.

Ask in the matter of whether she has association in dealing with children and attempt to name her past chief where from you can without a lot of a stretch amass progressively more truths roughly her.

Centers to that you need to say NO:-

Verify which you don’t secure a babysitter Dubai who is generally additional young to nurture your baby. A sitter must be tolerably matured to manage a baby and you ought to ensure that she is satisfying in nature.

Really in no way, shape or form go out clamorous before the sitter visits your own particular home, since you are purchasing a sitter now not a house keeper. What’s additional, comparably, your filthy habitation will involve her consideration from your little child. More explained in this post.

Truly in no way, shape or form gets unruly with a babysitting Dubai and don’t give your kid a possibility. On the off danger that you will manage her respectably, she too will deal with your little child with worship and affection. You should check which you are finishing a throughout the day work and your little child stays with her eventually of the day.

Unmistakably review that making the sitter your infant’s second mother is for your grip and pondering those centers, you can attempt this effectively and capably.

A decent approach to search out keeping an eye on offerings, you could coordinate a web interest, so one can engage you to discover bunches that give living planning hirelings to house cleaning, working environment cleaning service close by minding.

Check out this link for more informations: http://www.parenting.com/article/10-tips-from-a-teenage-babysitter


How You Can Save on Babysitting Services.

The one thing almost every parent knows is that babysitting in Dubai can cost a lot of money – money which most new parents simply don’t have. However, the good news is that there are a number of ways where you can save money through babysitting, if you know all the tips. The more you can save on babysitting, the better for the parents – and the less worries parents will have. So, just how can you save on babysitting? Here are some tips on how you can save on babysitting services:

Know your budget

Before you look at hiring a babysitter in Dubai, you need to make sure that you are aware of your budget, and what you really can afford.

It isn’t a great idea to just go out there and hire the first babysitting service you find, especially without even thinking about what you really can afford.  The best way to be able to save on babysitting, is to know your budget. Once you have established your true budget, you can start looking for the right babysitter at the right price.

Search for a day care center at the earliest opportunity

The sooner you start looking for an affordable day care center in Dubai, the better. The best centers fill up quickly, leaving you with the less popular or more expensive places. You don’t want to have to pay high fees just because you left it too long before you began your search. The earlier you start looking, the better the chance of finding a good, and far more affordable place, perfect for both your child and your pocket – so start looking today!

A day care center may be cheaper than babysitting services

This might not be true with all daycare centers, but it may work out cheaper to place your child in a day care center rather than hiring a private babysitter in Dubai. Quite often, it works out more expensive to hire a babysitter than to take your child to a day care center, especially when also paying for travel expenses, food and electricity. Moreover, another great thing about day care centers is that your child is going to learn social skills, too.

However, we know that it isn’t always possible for a child to go to day care center, and that the only option is babysitting services. Additionally, there are some babysitting services that are more affordable too. Therefore, it really depends on where you take your child and the amount of experience the babysitter has.

The one thing that every parent wants, is to save money on babysitting services, especially young parents who may struggle for money and every Dirham saved eases the stresses of every day. What’s more, the more tips you have on saving on babysitting services, the more you can actually save for the future. There are so many things that parents, and reducing the costs of babysitting, is a great way to save. And it is most certainly possible to save on babysitting in Dubai if you plan ahead.


Babysitting Services. Are they really a great choice?

When it comes to babysitting in Dubai, there are many people who ask the question, “Are babysitting services really the right choice, or would hiring an individual to take care of my children be better?” To answer this and more, here are a few thoughts about which truly is the best solution for your pocket and, most importantly, your children:

Is it really the best choice?

Before you can look at the benefits of hiring a company for babysitting in Dubai, you should make up your mind whether this is the best thing for your children or not.

For most parents, using a babysitting service is the right choice, because you can rest assured that you are leaving your child with someone who is connected with a company that will be responsible enough to carry out background checks on their employees. Additionally, should your usual babysitter be sick, they will replace them so you are never left without a sitter. These are the best possible options for most people to know that you can really trust their babysitter.

They have the best qualified babysitters

One great thing that you should know about babysitter services, is that they always screen their babysitters thoroughly when regarding any babysitting employment in Dubai. This is to make sure that they don’t embarrass the company which can lead to the company not succeeding, and receive poor reviews.

More importantly, all companies that specialize in babysitting are obliged to make sure that all babysitters are fully qualified and have the necessary paperwork and experience in order to be fully trusted for babysitting. Therefore, parents are able to leave their children in the care of a babysitter without any worries or problems.

Avoid babysitting scams

The one thing that scares all parents, are the babysitting scams in Dubai that we hear about in the newspapers and on the TV. We hear so many horror stories about babysitters who don’t have the child’s best interests at heart.

Therefore, when making use of babysitting services, you need to know the risks of babysitters. However, reputable companies carry out all the screening for you, to make sure you can completely trust your babysitter. These companies are screening their employees very thoroughly before they decide to hire anyone. This is because they know the importance of having trustworthy babysitters.

More affordable

When you are thinking about hiring an individual for babysitting in Dubai, you need to know that you are going to pay a fair amount of money. They generally ask for high fees for babysitting.

However, going through a company can be substantially cheaper than private sitters. This is primarily because the companies are much larger and can pool their resources, keeping the costs lower. For more information on this, take a look on this site.

So, is it better to hire a babysitting company, or opting for an individual that is not employed in a company? Though many private babysitters are great, there are really many reasons why you should consider hiring a company to babysit your children. In this way, you will know that babysitting in Dubai is going to ensure that your children are happy and safe.


Babysitting Services – Are They Better Than the classifieds?

There are so many debates over the difference between babysitting Dubai and babysitters who place advertisements in the local press. Some parents prefer babysitting services, while others prefer using the classifieds to find the best babysitter in the area. However, it doesn’t really matter which option you prefer, there are some features that both of these services should have. And, it is really important to make sure that you are aware of these features, before you decide on what type of service you’re going to use.

They should be playful

You need to remember, that all babysitters – both professional babysitting companies and individuals alike – advertising in the classifieds, need to be playful.

You always play with your children, because you love them. However, if you are hiring a stranger, they won’t love your children they way you do and may not play with them to keep them happy. Worse still, they could be extremely lazy and not play with your child at all. This is why no matter what type of babysitting in Dubai you hire, you should make sure that the babysitter has experience, enthusiasm, and a real love of children.


The one thing that every parent is going to agree on, is the fact that small children are always on the go whenever they are awake. And, the only thing that you can do is to keep up with them, ensure that they are happy, and keep them out of danger.

One feature that every babysitter should have, is that they should be active enough to keep up with your child. You don’t want to have a babysitter that simply isn’t able to keep up with the child and potentially let them get into danger due to a lack of lack of supervision.

Need to be responsible

Of course, the most important feature that any babysitter should have, not matter if you find the babysitter at the babysitting service or in the classifieds, is that they should be responsible enough to look after your children.

You need to make sure that you hire a babysitter in Dubai that is responsible and fully able to keep your child or children safe. You can’t just leave your children with any babysitter, and think that they will be okay – especially if the babysitter isn’t really responsible. There are many different ways to ensure that your babysitter is responsible and you need to ensure that this is really the case. There is no way that you can leave a child in the care of someone who is still almost a child themselves, and not responsible enough to take care of your children if you are not around.

There are so many parents who don’t really know whether they should make use of babysitting services in Dubai or if they should look in the classifieds for their babysitter. To be honest, it really doesn’t matter which option you go for. However, a couple of things that you should consider is whether or not you can fully trust your babysitter, and whether or not they are active enough to keep up with your child. If your choice fits the bill, then you won’t need to worry if you made the right decision when you hired the babysitter. It is important to have a trustworthy and reliable babysitter in Dubai, to ensure the safety of your children.

For more information and tips, see here.


Babysitting Cooperatives: A New Trend in Babysitting Services

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One of the newest trends in babysitting in Dubai are babysitting cooperatives. There are many parents that might be too afraid to use these companies, because they don’t really have the knowledge about they offer, or don’t realize the many advantages of using them. However, the following explains what this new trend in babysitting is all about to put your mind at ease:

What are babysitting cooperatives?

For those who really don’t know what the babysitting cooperatives are all about, this is basically a company that hires babysitters which then come under the company’s name. There are different kinds of babysitting services in Dubai, but all of them offer more peace of mind for the parents. With these babysitting services, you will not need to risk hiring someone off the street that might not even have experience in babysitting which they may claim to have. This really happens to many parents who hire people that weren’t what they said they were.

Fortunately, it is now much safer for parents, especially with many reputable companies springing up, instead of having to hire a private person for babysitting. Furthermore, utilizing the services of a babysitting company has many extra benefits:

More affordable

Using the babysitting cooperatives instead of a private sitter means that you are most probably going to save money on babysitting costs in Dubai. Hiring a private person often means that you end up paying more than making use of the babysitting service companies. This is because they have many different babysitters on their books, and the babysitters receive a full salary. This means that the company doesn’t have to ask high fees for babysitting, making it more affordable and easier for the parents. All parents know the importance in saving money when you have small children. And, you don’t need to hire a person that is asking cheap prices, because they are not really experienced and trustworthy.

More trustworthy

It is always a risk to hire babysitter in Dubai to take care of your children. This is because you don’t always know if you are hiring the best person for the job nor can you fully trust them with your children. There are too many people out there that aren’t legit or experienced, and some are out there simply to scam parents.

However, by going through a babysitting cooperative, you know that you are getting someone that you can trust with your loved ones. This is because babysitters of these companies are always screened, so you will know that they are the best people for taking care of your children. Moreover, you don’t need to worry about scams – you can rest assured that your children are being taken care of. More on this is explained in one of our feature posts here.

The babysitting cooperatives might be a new trend, but it can only be a good thing for doting parents, due to all the benefits that these services are now offering. Just by doing a little research about this new trend, you will realize that this has to be the best option for most parents to have the best possible babysitting service in Dubai – and one that is more affordable and trustworthy.