Every parent’s biggest concern is their child’s safety, undoubtedly. As children, most of the time they lack the skills to protect themselves. That’s when we remember what our role as parents is – to protect them, to safeguard them, and to teach them skills.

Not always as parents we will be able to be next to them, therefore the first step when trying to protect your child, is to find the right person who would be next to him/her in your absence. Hiring a babysitter in Dubai is the first, smart, step in giving your child a protection.

Outdoor and Indoor Safety Tips for Babysitters in Dubai

Even though a person has passed many trainings prior to becoming a babysitter, you know your child better than anyone else. You are aware that there is always a chance for your child to hurt himself/herself, whether he or she is outdoor or indoor, despite the babysitter being next to him/her. To prevent that from happening, here we have selected several useful tips on what to pay attention when it comes to child protection.

  1. Never leave the child alone – Whenever the babysitter you hired is taking your child to the playground, should make sure that they do not leave it alone even for a second. A little negligence can result in serious accident.
  2. Ensure there are not any dangerous objects around the child – Wherever the child is, your babysitter’s obligation is to make the environment safe for the child to play. So any sharp, dangerous, objects should be moved aside.
  3. Do not allow the child to play near or on the street – Talk to the child and explain him or her how dangerous the play in streets can be. Make the child understand how serious you mean that. Retrieving toys that have rolled on the street should be discouraged.
  4. The playground is not near water – It’s the best for your child’s safety that the playground is not near a water body. If by any chance there is a pool in that area, it has to be fenced.
  5. The playground has no any electrical appliances – Children’s curiosity will make them want to touch everything they see. Make sure there are not any electrical appliances near your child, or if there are any, make sure they are well-secured.
  6. Prevent the child from falling off the stairs – Install gates around the stairs. This way you won’t get stressed anytime the child goes up and down.
  7. Keep the child away from kitchen and bathroom – Install child locks on any cupboard that can be easily reached by your child. Bathroom and Kitchen can be dangerous playgrounds for your little one. Keep the doors shut.
  8. Keep all breakable things out of child’s reach – Ensure that there is not any heavy or easily breakable object that can fall off and hurt your children.