There are many parents in Dubai who need babysitters but cannot really afford them. So they resort to the next best thing, and that is to hire one person who will do the household chores as well as babysit. But, is it fine to leave your child with a maid?

Dubai is a curious place with lots of expats living here. There are people here from across the world to work at a variety of jobs. The more fortunate ones get to earn well, they are educated and work for the many enterprises based in Dubai and earning well. Then there are the lesser educated people from countries like India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Philippines, etc. who work for minimum pay at jobs like labour work, housemaids, gardeners, etc. These people are at best semi-skilled and not very well educated. They may be good working at cleaning services and making a living as a maid or a cleaner but are they really good enough to take care of your child when you are away?

Maid Vs Babysitter in Dubai

There are many reasons that I can think of not to keep a maid as a babysitter, but then, there are equally good reasons why I would actually do it. Here are my reasons for and against:

Babysitters, especially nannies in the real sense are expensive and hard to find in Dubai. When we speak of a babysitter or a nanny, we mean a person who is professionally qualified to take care of a child. A nanny is supposed to be an educated person who will take care of not just the physical needs of a child but also his/her developmental, educational and emotional needs too. A traditional Nanny is an educator, babysitter and mother-figure all rolled into one. To hire a maid with such qualities is expensive and most of us cannot afford it.

A housemaid on the other hand can take care of a child’s physical and emotional needs to a large extant. She may not be very educated, but she is capable of caring for your child and ensuring that he/she remains out of harms way. Moreover, a housemaid can be hired for a lot less money than a qualified nanny.

The biggest drawback that one perceives while using the housemaid to babysit is that she may not be able to help with your child’s literacy. She may be able to feed your child and fulfill all the other physical needs. She may also be able to provide companionship that children require. So, in this sense using the housemaid to look after you baby is fine and makes financial sense, especially if you have a fulltime maid who lives in with you. So, you are not paying anything extra to the cleaning service in Dubai for extra time they may spend looking after you child. To fulfil the need for education, you can always enroll your child into a preschool or a childcare facility for a few hours a day.

So, in conclusion, it is not a bad idea to have your maid look after your child.